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Europe Books accepted my first novel for publication. I'm so very pleased to have had them publish my book Beach of the Dead. They have a wonderful staff. And thank you so much to Ginevra Grasso, the marketing staff person, who has been so terrific in promoting my book and keeping in touch with me. Recently she even arranged for me to have an English interview on Conoscere social TV in Rome. As well, she sent me information for submitting my book to be considered for a literary award.

Europe Books has done an excellent job of producing my book, including a much-admired book cover. And the book is available in the U.K., as well as various parts of Europe and North America. And they will also be taking my book to a number of book fairs.

I am so glad to have had my Beach of the Dead published by this terrific publisher!

Elena Schacherl

Author of: Beach of the Dead (Canada)

Europa Buch, the Publishing House where literature and its Authors feel at home! The Publisher is close to
the Authors and therefore always supportive. That’s how it has been transforming into the Publishing
House of Europe. Success, reach and professional support guarantee media attention to the Authors. In
particular, support for young Authors seems to be of particular interest to the publisher. Keep going and
good luck for the first championship of European Publishing Houses.

Michael B Hölterhoff

Author of: DIE GRÜNE KISTE (Germany)

The staff of Europe Books is highly professional. My thanks go to the wonderful people who were involved in the editorial process: Elisa Giuliani, Ginevra Grasso, Maria Vitelli, Alicia Guinot... listing all the names would take too much space. Europe Books is truly European, which I can state as an author born in Poland, who has spent many years in Sweden and Norway, and has got her recent book, "Alter", published in English in cooperation with Italian editors. Btw.: as a fiction writer, I'm Joanna Pettersson; in other contexts, I'm Barbara J. Gawronska Pettersson. In both shapes, I love animals and the ocean.

Johanna Pettersson

Author of: Alter (Poland)

Since Ginevra, the editor of Europa Ediciones, called me to tell me that they were interested in my novel LA
NIEBLA DE LOS RECUERDOS, we established a cordial relationship and we keep in touch until today,
although the novel has already been published.
They guided me through the entire process, which I was unaware of as an emerging Author. Europa
Ediciones made it easy for me to overcome the hard beginning. The most important thing for me was the
cordiality of all the professionals of the Publishing House: the Press Officers, editing and proofreading staff,
the Production Team and the Marketing Team. The quality of the edition and the great professionalism of
the promotional marketing in contacting critics, bloggers, media, etc., are, of course, magnificent. I hope
that the efforts on the launch of my novel pays off for all of us.
I am very satisfied with the decision to publish my novel with Europa Ediciones. ANTONIO ULLED.

Antonio Ulled


It was truly a pleasure and a joy to work with the staff of Europe Books. They are extremely organized, highly productive, and remarkably efficient. The expertise of this organization is first-rate in all regards.

I was impressed with the outstanding manner which this very professional company worked with me as a first-time author. We jointly worked together throughout each step in the production process to achieve publication in a most admirable manner.

It is with the highest accolades of praise which I extend to the staff of Europe Books. Moreover, I strongly recommend that any author, whether first-time or previously published author, select Europe Books to be their publisher.

Indeed, I am so very grateful for the superior excellence of the magnificent staff of Europe Books.
Very most affectionally,


Vincent A. Amos

Author of: Wisdom from Above the Clouds (Georgia)

From the very beginning, the editorial staff at Europe Books showed that they had read my manuscript for 'Versions of Life' in detail and were enthusiastic in their support. Editorial support was very efficient and throughout the process I was helped, advised and supported by an excellent team including graphics for the cover. My proof-reader, in particular, helped to make the book into a much more professional work. I would recommend anyone with a niche book they feel might be worth publishing to contact Europe Books. Yes, there is an initial outlay, but when you see the interest, support and obvious hours of work they put in the cost is very reasonable.

John Clayden

Author of: Versions of Life Stories from Counselling (Uk)

Europe Books is a top-shelf publishing house, as evidenced by their professionalism and exceptional approach to the author, which made me feel important and unique throughout the entire publishing process. The book looks phenomenal. Thank you. I would also like to add that Europe Books is not my first publisher, but working with them stuck in my memory the most. I definitely recommend it!

Grzegorz Glinka

Author of: It Really Works (Poland)

Excellent experience!
I didn't know that the whole process could be so slick! With a lifelong desire to write and be published I chose Europe
Books following considerable research. After embarking on my project, I found the team to be extremely helpful, easy to
work with and yet open to my editorial requests. Not only have they made a superb job of putting my work into print, but
they have given me confidence on my journey as an author. I am extremely happy with their ongoing support and open
marketing practices. I am so pleased they are my publisher and am thoroughly enjoying the participation of publishing my
debut novel, The Moon Ship.

A G N Eyell

Author of: The Moon Ship (Uk)

At this point, I would like to thank all employees of Europa Buch Verlag. Everything went smoothly, from
the beginning of the contract negotiations through the different production phases to the marketing stage.
At the beginning, I was bothered by the physical distance between where I live and the Publishing House.
Due to it, all the communication with the Publisher was digital. However, these concerns soon disappeared,
as I quickly realized that as a writer, I was involved in every step of the process. The communication
between me as an Author and the Publisher was always transparent, goal-oriented, polite and appreciative.
I felt recognized as an Author and the Publishing House helped me make my book, according to my wishes.
I would be happy to continue working with you.

Leas Geschichten

Author of: Gundula Ihlefeldt (Germany)

What do I appreciate the most about Europe Books? It’s simple. They make publishing and promoting my novel easy. From the first contact with Maria-Laura to meeting Elisa, the production editor, to Ginevra, who manages marketing, I have a professional team introducing my first novel to the world. Being employed full-time, I appreciate the publishing schedule provided early on that allowed me to plan ahead. I appreciate that I always had a choice and final say in decisions. I appreciate that they care about my story and the characters, and any changes were for the better. Thanks for making my dream come true.

Marétha Marais

Author of: Fat Boy No More (South Africa)

I have published 3 Books previously with different publishers. I there can safely say by comparison that Europe Books are personal, friendly, engaging and excellent to work with. They respond to you quickly and give good guidance. I would highly recommend them to Authors of any genre.

This is my first and only publishing experience and I must say this has been a pleasure from the first “welcome on board”. Although meeting and having communication with several different representatives for the publishing company I was always accompanied with smart and competent young women. They have given detailed information, have updated when needed and have always been there for support and finding solutions in case of any problems have occurred.

Due to the pandemic situation with locked-down post offices they even offered to send a courier from Rome to Uppsala, Sweden to collect the original illustrations.
Through meetings via Zoom I was kindly accompanied through the last stage thoroughly preparing my book “The Globe and the Fleas” for publication.
Last but not least there is an excellent promoting service with blogs, TV interviews and invitations to different national and international book fairs.

Evalill Ahlgren

Author of: The Globe and the Fleas (Sweden)

Any person could write a book. If the book is published, the person becomes an author. It is simply as this and Europe Books can make this happening. What is different with this publisher - it is not about the expectation of the book, it is about the mutual trust. If a team, or even only one person like and value your work, this is already a recognition. And yes, it all starts with how much you trust in yourself and your work. Here I thank again Europe Books for the help and support in every step of publishing my book.

Asparuh Chorbadzhiev

Author of: Who is God (Bulgaria)

For the first time I have a publisher expressed interest in my work after careful evaluation. This was my first impression. It could have been hard for me to find a publisher, unknown/unpopular as I am. Who could have even created the time to look at my work. But the model of Europe Books to grant new/emerging authors the opportunities to publish their work has seen me today as an author with my first book being published: "My Experience as a leader" (21 vital lessons of leadership), ISBN 9791220116718, author: George Moore. published early this year 2022. I personally was very impressed about the quality of the work, process, interaction and final output. This is evident in the incredible review of the book from readers. Thank you, Europe Books, for opening a world of opportunities for me to explore my talent, skill and passion for creative writing. One more, I am very impressed about the commitment and professionalism of your staff. They are very open-minded, approachable and patient.

George Moore

Author of: My Experience as a Leader (Sierra Leone)

Europe Books recently published the fourth volume in my series entitled Nowhere to Call Home--Photographs and Stories of People Experiencing Homelessness, Volume 4. I am very pleased with the finished product. I think that it is, by far, the best volume in my series. In fact, I couldn't find fault with it if I tried. Several people have commented on the book's quality, from the cover design, to the type of ink that was used. Furthermore, all the staff that I've worked with at Europe Books, through every stage of the publishing process, have been very helpful and pleasant to work with. If you are an author in search of a publisher, I highly recommend Europe Books.

Leah den Bok

Author of: Nowhere to call Home (USA)

I am a first-time author of a children's book - one of very many. However, the Europe Books has never made me feel that way. My first contact with them was a very personal phone call. I had a 30min chat with Angelo who not only read the book but was interested in my background and motivations to write such a thing. It turned into a friendly conversation in which I learned about my own book a lot. So, he must have spent some time with it.
Since I'm a first-timer I was offered a hybrid publishing program and for a reasonable fee the book was released. Their team took care of editing, graphic design, printing and distribution. At every stage i was asked to comment or give them a nod so i didn't loose control. The production was done during the second covid-wave. The communication at that time was a bit erratic but now, when the book is out, the communication is personal and prompt. I'm Ginevra's charge and she never fails to update me with their promotional activities. Their team is international, and I am glad to see that their view is the same - the attitude so much needed in these 're-emerging-border days'.

Stefan Cebo

Author of: Bears out of the box (Slovakia)

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